Re: F13 : setup NM runlevel 3

On 10/27/2010 04:06 AM, Jirka Klimes wrote:
On Sunday 24 of October 2010 23:18:05 sean darcy wrote:
I want to run a script when an interface goes up on a remote server.
Since post-up no longer works, I need to use a dispatcher.d script. And
that means NM. Sigh.

First, you are not forced to use NM. You can switch it off and configure the
interfaces some other way if you prefer.
Nevertheless, dispatcher script are the right way to run post-up (up) scripts
within NM.
For more info about the dispatcher see:
man NetworkManager

With post-up no longer available under the network service, isn't NM the only way to run scripts on interface up?

The server has 2 wired nic's.  I need to make sure both nic's come up on
reboot. NM is configured for runlevel 3. The only way I can think to get
NM bring up the nic's is to use nmcli in rc.local:

NetworkManager will bring the interfaces up automatically when the connections
are configured so ("Connect automatically" checkbox in connection editor,
ONBOOT=yes in ifcfg files for Fedora/RHEL, autoconnect=true for keyfile plugin
(which is default), ...).
If you have configured the connection that way, you don't need other tools to
bring the interface up.

I tried that. With onboot=yes, the interfaces do not come up in runlevel 3. Even on my laptop, neither wired nor wireless connections come up unless I start X. I think the problem is that NM doesn't bring up anything unless it has a "client". And the clients are all X clients, except nmcli.

Is that wrong?

nmcli con up id  | uuid

But I can't figure out how or where are the id's (or uuid's) of the
interfaces. I tried

nmcli con up iface eth0

No luck.

nmcli dev list  doesn't show id's.
lspci doesn't show them.

So where do I find the id's. And, is this the way to really make sure NM
brings up these interfaces?

nmcli tells NM daemon to activate a connection (the same way as nm-applet
does). The command to do so is:
nmcli con up id "My super connection"   or
nmcli con up uuid a14d3a57-3ba5-4a4d-b8b0-589d4e1d5557

To list your configured connections (with NAMEs (id) and UUIDs (uuid)) use:
nmcli con list


nmcli con list

** (process:25290): WARNING **: get_all_cb: couldn't retrieve system settings properties: (2) The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerSystemSettings was not provided by any .service files.

I think the problem is that this command lists "configured" connections. But I can't configure the connection without NAMEs (id) or UUIDs (uuid)!

But how do I find out the id's or uuid's? Where are they stored? Does udev have them someplace?


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