Re: bug found!!! feature request!

Le mercredi 20 octobre 2010 à 23:56 +0300, Trifon Tashev a écrit :
> hi,
> thank you for your hard work to make linux better!
> on the way of using my lively ubuntu i found a little problem that become
> big to me.
> i have a laptop sony vaio vgn-c240e and is assembled with pci express
> network card. it works fine but some times the signal is not good. because
> of that i bought usb wifi card with rtl8187 chipset. nice huge range but
> network manager could not give me option to choose which network card to use
> as a primary. network manager is continuously trying to connect via the both
> network cards and the result is disappointing - no network connection.
> i tried to stop the wlan0 interface by typing " sudo ifconfig wlan0 down",
> after the output from executing ifcnfig does not shows me this interface,
> but this does not affect the work of network manager.
> help me please! i am sure other people like me will be happy too!
> thank you for your attention!


I think you should be able to ass the MAC address of the Wifi device you
want to use to the settings for the wifi network to have it always use
that device.

To get the MAC for the wifi device, use ifconfig. e.g.
ifconfig wlan1

Then add that in the network's settings under Device MAC address.

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