Re: Newbie: how to talk to NM by C or C++? Need some hints.

Le 30/11/2010 09:27, inthawadee C. a écrit :
> I have read many pages recommended in archives such as
> <http:///>
> <http:///>
> but still have no clue how to talk to NetworkManager. 
> I just want to use the mentioned parameters as input factors of my
> experiment implemented in C.  Previously, I worked with iwconfig and
> iwlist but want to try the program through Network Manager.

Sorry for stating the obvious but... first you need to be familiar
with D-Bus, did you realize that?

> How can I get the current statuses such as signal strength and
> maximum bit rate (also connection status). of wireless access point
> from NetworkManager by programming in C/C++?

For such tasks you might spend less time parsing the output of
"nmcli" or "cnetworkmanager". Especially if your code is just an

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