Re: How best to try NM 0.8.2 please? (I almost managed to build it)

Hi Jirka,

I tried Natty but currently too buggy (1st beta hasn't even been released
yet) and it seemed to have nm-applet 0.8.1 according to right click and

What has worked is the sakis3g script from

I needed to purge modemmanager and reboot to fully kill things and then
when I run ./sakis3g it works great.  I posted full details to their
thankyou forum.

In Firefox I need to untick 'offline' and just ignore NM icon saying there
is no internet connection because there actually is.

Very happy now!


> On Wednesday 24 of November 2010 18:12:09 Matthew Dowle wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Looking at news from NM 0.8.2 I'm excited to see it seems to fix several
>> of the issues I'm facing and would like to try it!
>> I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition, though.
>> At first I thought the only way was to build the tar.gz. Got through
>> './configure' and 'make' ok but then I got an error from 'sudo
>> checkinstall' that beat me.
>> I took a step back and it seems I have some other options :
>> i) install Narwhal image from daily-live
>> ii) find a .deb for NM 0.8.2 that I could install on Meerkat.
>> iii) add a PPA to sources.list
>> iv) persist with the checkinstall error.
>> Any quick pointers to the right direction much appreciated.
> I'm not much familiar with Ubuntu, however all options seem reasonable to
> me.
> Just try one. Or you will have to wait until it's packaged :)
> I wonder what error you got by checkinstall.
> Jirka

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