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Thanks for the suggestion. I have decided to monitor the device's signals for state.  I have found that there is a org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device.Statechanged signal and I have written a handler for it. 

But there is a related issue. As you can see the is inside the package org.freedesktop.NetworkManager. When I include the stub in my code, shows an error "The package org.freedesktop.NetworkManager collides with a type". The reason is there is a in the same directory of org.thales.NetworkManager package. 

If I change the package name or the class name then the signal reception won't work. I cannot even change the package name from NetworkManager to networkmanager. If I do that, I won't get the signals. So please suggest a solution.

Jos Collin
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On Mon, 2010-11-22 at 10:34 +0530, Jos Collin-ERS,HCLTech wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Is it possible to get the name of the device when I receive a StateChanged signal? Is there any such parameter with in the StateChanged signal?

The StateChanged signal is an "global" signal that emits the core NM
state.  That state is a composite of the state of all device managed by
NM.  The best approach here is probably to just query NM for the device
you care about, and monitor the device's signals for state.  Or, you can
listed for the global StateChanged signal, then ask NM for each device
object and each device's state.  If you end goal is simply to figure out
whether a specific network interface is 'connected'  or not, I'd go for
the first option: listen for state on the device(s) you care about.  The
"global" bits are more for email/chat/web clients that just want to know
"am I online".

has some python examples, including '' which explicitly
queries each device's state.  You'd basically do that when you get the
StateChanged signal.


> Please help.
> Thanks,
> Jos Collin
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> From: Jos Collin-ERS,HCLTech
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> Subject: StateChanged device
> Hello,
> I'm receiving NetworkManager.StateChanged signal when a network is connected or disconnected. Is it possible to get the name of the device or the identity of the network that is connected or disconnected inside the NetworkManager software, using the StateChanged Handler?
> Thanks,
> Jos Collin
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