Re: [PATCH] Ensure that dhcp client is exited

On Fri, 2010-11-12 at 17:01 +0300, Mikhail Efremov wrote:
> Hello!
> Since NM does not stop dhcp client when it exits, there may persist an
> old instance of dhcp client during NM start again and it is not a child
> of the current process. So we need to wait until it is actually exited,
> otherwise a race condition may occurs, as I noticed in case dhcpcd
> 4.x.x (the pidfile was removed by exiting old dhcpcd instance).

92b58e56f5cc01b484af36623e17ee4ea386e53a (master)
3d3c87774381cee77bae911367a12e8c86d6ad99 (0.8.x)


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