Re: Wireless suddenly stopped working

On Sat, 2010-10-23 at 04:31 -0400, Ben Mann wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Network Manager as packed with Lucid (10.4) and when I woke
> the laptop from sleep today the wireless can't be enabled.  Wired
> still works fine. wlan0 appears with ifconfig -a but the adapter
> doesn't respond to function key + f2 which is supposed to enable it.
>  There is no hardware switch (Asus f3sv).  I tried using what the
> acpi-support script does (directly echoing into the state and power)
> in case the event wasn't being propagated properly but had no luck. 
> This may not be a problem with Network Manager but I'm not sure who to
> ask.  Any suggestions? I'm stumped. 

It's probably the kernel, and/or the specific support for your laptop
that's messing up.  Or the hardware is dead.  But first, I'd check for
kernel messages ('dmesg' output is where those end up) for anything
related to 'asus-laptop'.  After that, the best you can do is file a bug
on Launchpad and hope the Canonical kernel team looks at it.


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