NetworkManager (0.7.3-beta3) release


I'm pleased to announce the release; the beta3 release of
NetworkManager 0.7.3.  NetworkManager 0.7.x is the older stable series
of NetworkManager and will be supported for while, though most
development focus has shifted to the NetworkManager 0.8 series releases.

This release includes the following improvements over

- fixes default values in the settings specification document
- fixes a possible NetworkManager crash if wpa_supplicant crashes
- fixes automatic AdHoc wifi network channel selection for B/G bands
- (RH) fixes handling of WEP passphrases in system ifcfg connections
- (RH) fixes handling of wired MTU in system ifcfg connections

Please test this release and let us know how it works, filing bugs in bugzilla; I'd like to tag the final 0.7.3 release in the next
week or two.


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