Disabling wireless networking.

Hey all,

Pop question.  This is one of my burning annoyances with NetworkManager
and maybe there's an easy way to do this and I just can't find it.
But...  How do I disable wireless networking by default.  I can disable
it but, the next time I log in, it's enabled again.  I want it stone
cold dead unless I overtly and explicitly choose to enabled it and then
I want it off if I log out and log back in again.

The problem is that I work in an environment that is very rich in IPv6
support, at home and at work and on the road and at my colocation
facility.  I have v6 everywhere.  The problem is that NM brings up wlan0
long after eth0 has been up and then the wlan0 interface gets hit with a
new RA (router advertisement) which then causes all the v6 traffic to be
routed out through the wireless WHICH I DO NOT WANT even though the v4
default route is out eth0.  Because wlan0 gets the RA later than the
eth0 address in response to its RD (router discovery) request, it has a
later expiration time on the routes so it gets preference over the eth0
interface.  This is by design.  It's the way v6 is suppose to work and
is how you renumber autoconfed v6 networks.  But is screws me over
royally when I'm in a situation where I've got a hard wired network
connection and the wireless is less than stable and keeps screwing up
all my v6 connections.  Disabling it after logging in is useless because
it has already brought it up and loaded the v6 routes with a new default
and that then just breaks things.

I want wireless off and to STAY OFF unless I want it on and know that I
want it on.  But I can't find a sticky setting that basically tells it
to play dead and STAY DEAD.  (The wireless "switch" on my laptop only
switches the bluetooth, unfortunately).

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