Re: "/etc/init.d/NetworkManager quit" ?

Dan Williams a écrit :
> It's complicated.  Previous mechanisms didn't have a daemon running in
> the background actively managing the network.  So there was nothing to
> restart.  Unfortunately using Unix signals there's no way to really
> express "terminate but don't take stuff down".

Using sigaction() you can give the semantic of your choice to any
signal.  Correct if I am wrong but a lot of daemons already do that to
implement things like "/etc/init.d/foo reload".

> We could however use a D-Bus call to do so, or something like that and
> keep -TERM as taking interfaces down.

Unix signals are infinitely inferior to D-BUS. Yet they look like the
right tool for this simple job, don't they?

Implemented one way or the other, this new "quit" feature would be nice.

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