Fedora 13, Qualcomm Gobi 2000, Networkmanager does not show connection status


I am using Fedora 13, 64bit on a Lenovo Thinkpad x201 which has a
Qualcomm Gobi 2000 UMTS card.

I got the card working using the instructions her:
by copying the 3 firmware files into /lib/firmware/gobi and compiling
the gobi_loader 0.6 from source
( http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/gobi_loader/ )

The wireless connection works without problems I get a connection. Its
only that the nm-applet shows the wrong connection details. It tells
that I am connected with GPRS and a signal strength of 0%.

What information can I provide and where should I file the Bug (Fedora?).


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