Re: Internet sharing over multiple interfaces

Am Mittwoch, den 02.06.2010, 00:05 -0700 schrieb Dan Williams:
> If you're are already locking the connections, let me know and we can
> debug further.

I used the interfaces eth0 and eth1, which were there right from the
beginning, after installing NetworkManager and they both had their MAC
address filled in. The DSL connection has this field left blank,
allowing me to choose the network adapter to use for dialing in.

Because a new power adapter for my router arrived, there is no need for
me to have this fixed at the moment. But if you want to fix it, I will
help you.

I have rebuild a similar setup for testing. So there is a Ethernet
switch to which 2 computer (PC and laptop) and a DSL-modem are
connected. All are connected with only one Ethernet card/cable.
The PC is connected via eth1 and dials in. I also told NetworkManager in
the IPv4 settings of eth1, that it is to be shared among other
This time eth0 is not involved and NetworkManager will not even start
dnsmasq, as it did the last time for eth0.
If I repeat this with my laptop, which is running Ubuntu 10.04, I see
that I can either dial in using DSL, or participate in the network over

Maybe I am wrong, but at the moment it seems not to be possible to
create more than one connection over an wired interface.

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