Re: [PATCH] add UnlockRetries property to the modem dbus interface

On Sun, 2010-05-30 at 18:53 +0200, Frederik Nnaji wrote:
> hahaah, here's why:
> On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 15:25, Torgny Johansson
> <torgny johansson ericsson com> wrote:
>         While not entirely sure how, I'm still very glad to hear that
>         my contribution may have that unexpected positive impact! ;)
> Here's the most personal Use Case you'll probably ever get out of me:
> Fred visits his girlfriend. As he swaps SIM cards with his girlfriend
> for performance reasons, the new SIM simply doesn't work. He selects
> the appropriate connection from the Network Manager applet in his
> panel repeatedly, as it does not seem to work immediately.
> After trying unsuccessfully for a while, Fred inserts the SIM card
> into a mobile phone for more verbose debugging (to "see" what's
> wrong). The phone reports "SIM permanently locked, enter PUK to
> unlock"
> Fred is pissed, because the PUK to the SIM is in an other town.

Recent versions of NM (0.8.1) and MM (0.4) will request the PIN to
unlock the device when the device is plugged in so the SIM won't get PUK
locked there.  We still do need to get a better way of tying a cached
PIN code to the specific SIM card, though this isn't possible for a lot
of devices that don't allow access to the SIM's IMSI until you've
entered the PIN.  Some devices do allow it though.


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