Problems connecting to open (unsecured) WiFi networks from Ubuntu

Hi list,

I've tried posting this at the but a search shows that the same problem has been submitted several times before, and always without a solution. Is there an easy answer to this?

I have no problem with my wireless network at home, or visiting friends, but it won't connect to public, open, unsecured WiFi networks, eg hotels, trains, ships. I'm using Ubuntu v9.10, NetworkManager applet v0.7.996, on a Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop.

If I left click on the NetworkManager, the available wireless networks are displayed and I can see the relevent open networks, named as expected and shown without the lock icon. I click on the relevent entry, watch a spinner for 30 seconds or so and then it drops off and I have no connection. This happens for "all" open connections.

If I look at my defined Wireless Network Connections now, I can see, eg, "Auto Internet Sea, Last used: never". Editing that connection:

SSID: Internet Sea
Mode: Infrastructure
BSSID: (blank)
MAC address: (blank)
MTU: automatic

[Wireless Security]
Security: None

[IPv4 Settings]
Method: Automatic DHCP

[IPv6 Settings]
Method: Ignore

I've run out of things to stab at blindly. Can anyone help in an informed way??



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