[NM 0.7.996] impossible to connect internet (DSL)

Hi all,
I just tried on live-cd the Lucid aplha2, which comes with
NetworkManager applet 0.7.996 :
right-clic on the applet -> Edit connection -> DSL tab -> Add, then i
enter the username and password, click on "Connect automatically",
then Apply.
Result expected: connection to internet
Result i had: no connection

To get internet, i had to open a terminal and enter "sudo pppoeconf"
in which i entered my login/password, then Enter/Enter/Enter...

FYI, i had not this bug on Jaunty and before. But I had the same bug
on Karmic on which I had to use "sudo pppoeconf", then upgrade NM to
0.7.998 via the PPA, and finally type "sudo rm

So I hope NM will be upgraded to 0.7.998 on Lucid beta :)

Best regards,

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