Re: NetworkManager VPN tab locked

On Fri, 2010-01-29 at 09:25 -0600, David Brown wrote:
> Hello Users and Gurus, I have a newly installed Ubuntu Karmic Remix on
> a 16g flashdrive working well. Except: the third tab on my broadband
> wireless connection which is the VPN tab. The VPN tab has a lock icon
> embedded in it and this is the only tab with this condition.
> Otherwise, I have a very good signal from my USBModem via the
> NetWorkManager widget. If anybody has any ideas on how to unlock the
> VPN tab on the NewWorkManger please advise. My investigations show
> that the NetworkManager is a daemon and therefore does not lend itself
> to be run by gksudo. Any and all advice, suggestions, solutions,
> references, rants and raves welcomed. Regards, David.

Any chance you can take a screenshot and show me what you mean?


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