Re: Are there any command-line front-ends for network-manager?

2010/1/26 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> 

I was generally moving towards just an applet-like CLI client, and since
people that want to use a CLI for that sort of stuff will obviously be
familiar with CLI-based configuration, they will certainly be expected
to know how to configure either keyfiles or their distro config files.
I don't think we really need a CLI nm-connection-editor at all.


For me one of the huge benefits of NM is in dealing with 3G dongles.  I particularly like the interactive way you select country and it prompts you for networks, select network and it prompts you for billing option etc. etc.  I don't need to worry about the APN, any strange network-specific settings, or indeed device-specific settings. 

Would your envisaged CLI solution take care of that or would we need to manually add APN settings and whatnot to config files?  I think a CLI interface would be a great idea, but if it doesn't carry over the easy-to-use aspect of NM it would be a shame.

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