Re: Are there any command-line front-ends for network-manager?

On Fri, 2010-01-15 at 16:19 +0400, Igor Mikushkin wrote:
> Hello all!
> Could you please say if there are any CLI front-ends for network-manager?
> It would help a lot when for example you are accessing your machine
> from ssh and want to turn on VPN connection that was configured using
> network-manager.

There's cnetworkmanager (which is a good program and well-known) and
Jirka Klimes is also tasked with developing one written in C that may be
more suitable for environments that don't have python.  In general
you'll want to *configure* connections using your distro's normal
network configuration system (which NetworkManager should pick up
automatically) or via the 'keyfile' plugin (see ).

And then use the command-line client to up/down that connection.


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