Re: [Patch] improve IPv4 setting UI of nm-applet

2010/1/20 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>
On Sun, 2010-01-10 at 16:51 +0800, cee1 wrote:
> Hi Dan:
> Attachment contains a series patches of improving IPv4 setting UI of
> nm-applet.
> These patches aim the following problems:
>  1) users move focus from a cell of gtktreeview to another widget(i.e.
> leave gtktreeview) directly, his previous editing will lost.
>  2) lack of netmask pre-fill for private IPv4 addresses.
>  3) lack of a proper notification of invalid inputs.

Thanks for the patches!  And sorry for the lag in replying.  Just a few

Unfortunately the first patch doesn't handle the user pressing Escape to
cancel the edit.  It appears that GTK+ doesn't give us enough
information to distinguish between the user pressing Escape and moving
focus out of the GtkTable.  I'm not sure if there's a way around this.
Or maybe we just suck that up because the current behavior is worse than
not honoring Escape to cancel an edit?
I personally prefer the way of making the editing state more visiable. e.g. user clicks on a cell of one row in treeview of IP address box, then a "tooltip" overlaps on that row. There will be three text entries(for IP/netmask/gateway) and two buttons(for save/cancel) in that "tooltip":
  • user clicks any cell of one row, all three text entries(IP/netmask/gateway) will popup with the clicked cell active.
  • for nma, each edit includes all of those three fields(IP/netmask/gateway).
  • user is prompted to click "save" to save, otherwise abort editing.
Unfortunately, GtkTooltip seems not suitable to implement that, new widget may need.

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