Re: [Patch] improve IPv4 setting UI of nm-applet

On Sun, 2010-01-10 at 16:51 +0800, cee1 wrote:
> Hi Dan:
> Attachment contains a series patches of improving IPv4 setting UI of
> nm-applet.
> These patches aim the following problems:
>  1) users move focus from a cell of gtktreeview to another widget(i.e.
> leave gtktreeview) directly, his previous editing will lost.
>  2) lack of netmask pre-fill for private IPv4 addresses.
>  3) lack of a proper notification of invalid inputs.

Thanks for the patches!  And sorry for the lag in replying.  Just a few

Unfortunately the first patch doesn't handle the user pressing Escape to
cancel the edit.  It appears that GTK+ doesn't give us enough
information to distinguish between the user pressing Escape and moving
focus out of the GtkTable.  I'm not sure if there's a way around this.
Or maybe we just suck that up because the current behavior is worse than
not honoring Escape to cancel an edit?

Second patch looks good.

For the third patch, I'd always wanted to use some more direct means of
indicating invalid entries.  For examples, using a red border or hacking
the background of the entry to be red-shaded.  If we can't do that, I'd
actually rather move the warning label below the address table and make
the font a bit smaller.  Does that sound acceptable to you?

Thanks again!

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