Re: PPPoE connection uses wrong NIC

> Does the ib0 device show up immediately when the iBurst modem is plugged
> in?

When I plug in the ib0 device (usb), hotplug software load the ib-usb
and ib-net kernel modules. This creates the ib0 device, at which time
I have a udev command scheduled to do "ifconfig ib0 up".

It does not show up in NetworkManager though. NetworkManager log shows
some error like "unknown driver", and doesn't load the device as a
network device.

> Is eth0 a normal ethernet NIC on your machine?  And next, does the

Yes, eth0 is a standard realtek 10/100Mbit

> iBurst modem basically act like a USB ethernet device?

The ibdriver kernel module creates a virtual wireless network device,
which allows PPPoE connections for internet access. It uses the
wireless network device driver API of the kernel in the ib-net module,
which then uses the ib-usb or ib-pcmcia module to communicate with
whichever type of device you are using.

I hope this helps.

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