SSH VPN plug-in? also ovpn q.

So you've got OpenVPN, PPTP, StrongSWAN, VPNC...

Is there a reason there's no SSH?

You can do layer 2 and 3 forwarding over SSH.

I'm wondering if there's a good reason not to have it, or if it just
hasn't been done yet, and an estimate on the amount of work, and what
I'd have to learn (GUI-wise - I'm assuming GTK) to do it.

BTW, networkmanager in GNOME as of 10.04.1 and 10.10 is much better
than knetworkmanager was just before.  I dunno if the projects are
related, but knetworkmanager was darn near unusable.  I switchde
from KDE to GNOME over that (and just staying with the herd, which
has certain advantages).

I think I ran across a few things which could be added to the ovpn
plugin.  For example, float, source port selection, and a couple of
other config file options don't seem to have GUI elements associated
with them.  But all together it is really well done, bravo.
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