Re: How to save pin number and auto-connect on startup?

Hi Marcel

> in theory the ICCID could be used to unique identify the SIM card, but
> depending on the broken modem hardware this might work or in most cases
> it won't work. The modem has to offer you proper read support to its
> filesystem for the files that are not protected by the PIN.


>> For me, a "default" PIN which is entered one time and which is always used
>> (independent of the device/modem) would be perfect. If the "default" is not
>> working, ask me (the user) with this popup :-)
> This is a bad idea since every failure will increase the retry counter.
> And if it accidentally reaches 3 you need out of a sudden the PUK. If
> you enable a PIN on your SIM card, then you need to enter it manually.
> That is the intent of the PIN code. If you don't want it then please
> just disable it.

Ok, I see the problem now.

For which function needs NM the PIN before dialing a connection? As the PIN is
saved in the connection profile, it is not necessary to ask the PIN in advance.
So there must be something different for which the PIN is needed!?

>> As I have a build-in modem in my laptop, everytime I boot or even on every
>> resume from suspend I have to enter the PIN which is really annoying. Using NM
>> 0.8.1 from Debian Squeeze.
> See my comment above. If you reboot it is the intent to enter the PIN
> code if you enable it. Same as on your cellphone.


> If you suspend/resume, then that is a BIOS bug with the killswitch
> taking the modem device off the bus and rebooting it for you. Modern
> laptops should not be doing that and just put the modem in S3, but that
> is a different story.

Ok, makes sence.


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