Re: Changes between NetworkManager 0.8 and 0.8.1

On Wed, 2010-08-11 at 19:13 +0100, Alex Buell wrote:
> Are there any docs on the differences or changes between NetworkManager
> 0.8 and 0.8.1? The settings seems to have changed between 0.8 and 0.8.1.
> If I upgrade to 0.8.1 from 0.8, NetworkManager won't work any more but
> if I downgrade back to 0.8, it all starts working again. 
> What changes were made? 

Over 650 commits; 80 bugs closed, etc.  What exactly is the problem, and
when you say "doesn't work" what do you mean?

> Finally, from commments made on Gentoo forums it looks like
> NetworkManager prefers to work with dhclient rather than with dhcpcd. Is
> this true?

Not true actually; it'll work with either.  There was recently a bug
where if you had dhcp3 installed and had built NM with
--without-dhclient, that NM would still try to use dhclient.  That's
since been fixed.  You can always select your preferred DHCP client
using dhcp-client=[dhclient|dhcpcd] in the [main] section of the config
file too though.


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