Re: Cisco Anyconnect VPN

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 3:03 AM, Mathieu Trudel <mathieu tl gmail com> wrote:
> If you're really using the vpnc plugin, and not the openconnect
> plugin, then it's very likely this is the cause of your problems.

Ah, I suspected it could be the wrong plugin, but the other one I had
installed (OpenVPN) did not fit as well.

> On the other hand, openconnect supports the same VPN over SSL methods
> as the Cisco AnyConnect client. At least on Ubuntu, it worked quite
> nicely back when I was using it.

Now, I installed the openconnect plugin and set the correct gateway
address. Unfortunately it does not ask me for a login/password pair
and I'm stuck again :(

Anyway, I really thank you for the pointer.

Gianluca Sforna

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