Re: WAN = 3G, share=WIFI, does not turn on WIFI TX

2010/8/3 Eric Lee Elliott <linux ericelliott us>
On 08/03/2010 09:52 AM, David Ochoa wrote:

I sometimes share my 3g conection trought NM-wifi with no problems. Are
you using WEP or WPA? Somewere i've read that only WEP encripted
conections can be made with NM-sharing and i found it to be true (I
tried both setups and only worked using WEP).

David O.

   On 08/02/2010 02:15 PM, Jos? Queiroz wrote:
   >  Are you using an AP to link these laptops, or are you using AdHoc
   >  2010/8/2 Eric Lee Elliott <eric ericelliott us
   <mailto:eric ericelliott us> <mailto:eric ericelliott us

   <mailto:eric ericelliott us>>>
   >      Can Networkmanager do sharing of WIFI with USB modem as WAN
   >      connection?  I've tried configuration repeatedly in various ways,
   >      without other computers detecting WIFI on air.
   >      3G WAN to shared Ethernet works on both laptops.  Both laptops are
   >      Thinkpads with Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NICs.
   >      If this does work in Kubuntu 10.04, where must I look for why WIFI
   >      does not transmit?
   >      Eric
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   Using internal Atheros 802.11 NIC to share connection from laptop with
   ATT 3G USB modem.  Internet is connected to first laptop via 3G modem.
   First laptop WIFI is access point for second laptop.

   I have tried infrastructure & ad-hoc.

   God Bless You,

   Eric Lee Elliott

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So does not work w/o encryption selected & only if WEP selected?  Will try that way next.

God Bless You,

Eric Lee Elliott

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I had not tried with out encryption. I've make it work with WAP, but couldn't with WPA.


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