Re: Urdu and Urdu Pakistan Translation of network-manager-applet

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 12:01 AM,  <makkiabufaris aol com> wrote:
> hi
> Urdu and Urdu Pakistan Translation of network-manager-applet-0.8 are
> Attached.

To submit translations to GNOME application, you need to go through
the GNOME Translation Team (GTP) of your language, Urdu in your case.
Read for more on the GNOME
Translation Project.
The mailing list for translation discussions is gnome-i18n,

According to there is an Urdu team,
however there is
no Urdu Pakistan team. Is it really necessary to have Urdu and Urdu-Pakistan?
This is something to discuss with the other team members.
The Urdu team is at which shows
the current team coordinator
and his contact details.
You need to contact the team coordinator to get your translations
added to GNOME.
Contact gnome-i18n in case he is not responding.

Finally, you add the translation to
and either your team coordinator or another member from the GTP will
upload it to


A. Because it breaks the logical sequence of discussion
Q. Why is top posting bad?

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