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On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Trey Nolen <support internetpro net> wrote:

> > One suggestion for VPN settings is to have non-company IP traffic not route
> > on the VPN by default.
> >
> > To accomplish this now you have to go to the IPv4 routes page which is
> > buried 3 layers deep and select.
> > "Use this connection only for resources on its network"
> >
> > I would suggest moving this to the VPN connection page and rename it
> > something like.
> > "Use this connection for resources on other networks" default to unchecked

> I might have this backwards but I disagree, this setting overwrites
> whatever the server sends you so the default should be to respect what
> the server sends.   If someone wants that setting for all their users
> let them set it on the server.  Otherwise it will cause support issues
> for people when some clients do not act as they are expected to act.
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I agree with the first post. In almost every instance, I have to drill
down and check the "Use this connection only for resources on its
network" selection.  Windows acts like NM does by default, and you have
to  remove "Use default gateway on remote network".  If NM wants to stay
in line with what Windows is doing, that's fine, but I would
respectfully ask that the option at least be put on the main config
screen to reduce the number of clicks.

Trey Nolen

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The button is more generic than just VPN stuff.  Without looking at the code it appears to be an attribute of the routes tab and the routes tab is an attribute of any connection with ipv4 settings.

My recommendation would be to put the ipv4 tab first(from left to right) in the list and maybe move the two ignore routes check box out of the routes tab and place them directly in the ipv4 settings tab.  My layout is based on Ubuntu 9.04 Gnome.

I feel these settings are very important because most people I know that *give up* on NM do so because they do not know these settings exist and get annoyed by the magic route mangling Nm does when new devices come and go.


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