Re: 3G Pin question

On Fri, 2009-11-13 at 18:08 +0100, van Schelve wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> we are planning a rollout for a big number of laptops with internal 3G
> Datacard.
> The 3G configuration is fixed and should not be changed by the user.
> After a fresh installation and the user is logging in the first time he
> should
> add the PIN Number for his SIM Card.
> I'm thinking about a xinitrc script or somewhere in gnome presession,
> postlogin
> What do you guys think about this solution? Any better Ideas?

You can preload the configuration for the 3G card into GConf, and run a
small helper after the first login that stuffs the PIN into the keyring.
Look in the nm-applet sources:

for the nm_gconf_add_keyring_item() function.  You can pretty much use
exactly that function if you pass the right bits in.  Since you're
preloading GConf with the connection, you'll know the UUID that you need
to pass into that function.  The name should be the same thing that's in
the 'connectin/id' field of the GConf connection, setting_name is going
to be 'gsm', and setting-key is going to be 'pin'.  The secret should be
the PIN.


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