Re: debug tips

>> I'm trying to debug a 100% reproducable issue but don't really know
>> where to look for clues.
>> I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ240E, running 64bit Fedora 8.
>> It happens with many wifi networks that when I boot everything goes
>> fine, I can connect to the wifi network with nm-applet but as soon as
>> I lose the connection I will never be able reconnect. The networks in
>> question use pre-shared keys. If I reboot, everything will be fine
>> again, I can connect using the password, but as soon as I lose
>> connection the only way I can reconnect is by reboot.
>> Instead of rebooting I tried manually restarting all network related
>> services but that doesn't help. These are the services I restart in
>> this order from /etc/rc3.d that I guess are relevant:
>> service ip6tables restart
>> service iptables restart
>> service network restart
> NetworkManager and network are two different competitive systems to
> support networking. I don't say it would work but you should restart
> NetworkManager not network.

Sure. But in /etc/rc3.d the order of the network related services is this:


So I've tried stopping all 5 services and starting them in the above
order, because they get started in the above order while booting. But
already the third service, 'network', fails and wlan doesn't come up.
If I nevertheless restart NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher
I can see the wireless network in question in nm-applet but can not
connect. I enter the pre-shared key password but it wouldn't connect,
it just gives back the password window.

If I reboot though the above 5 services are started in the above order
and everything works, wlan comes up and nm-applet can connect using
the same pre-shared key password.

So it seems to me that I need to do some additional steps manually to
completely reproduce what is happening at boot time. It just seems
impossible to me that I can not reproduce everything what is happening
at boot time, without actually rebooting but doing the same things
manually as root.

Any ideas where should I be looking for clues?

Thanks a lot,

Psss, psss, put it down! -

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