debug tips

Hi folks,

I'm trying to debug a 100% reproducable issue but don't really know
where to look for clues.

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ240E, running 64bit Fedora 8.

It happens with many wifi networks that when I boot everything goes
fine, I can connect to the wifi network with nm-applet but as soon as
I lose the connection I will never be able reconnect. The networks in
question use pre-shared keys. If I reboot, everything will be fine
again, I can connect using the password, but as soon as I lose
connection the only way I can reconnect is by reboot.

Instead of rebooting I tried manually restarting all network related
services but that doesn't help. These are the services I restart in
this order from /etc/rc3.d that I guess are relevant:

service ip6tables restart
service iptables restart
service network restart

The first two are fine, but 'service network restart' always fails
bringing up wlan. When I reboot, wlan comes up okay though. And this
is 100% reproducable. I have absolutely no clue what reboot does that
I don't when manually starting the services.

Also, I have no idea where to look for clues. Which log files to look
at? Any other tips?

Thanks very much,

Psss, psss, put it down! -

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