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I guess my question has already been answered. 
Network Manager does not have a strategy for testing and integration with different USB Modems to ensure compatibility. Which is understandable given the remit.

I guess this should be work carried out between Hardware manufacturer and Network operators. What would be better would be:

1)	A list of devices that have been tested and verified to work, with a list of tests that were carried out. (Community members could help with this.)
2)	A list of devices that have unique 'code' in the application that are needed to handle them, coupled with the generic list.

It's a shame there is no way for plugins to be written to cope with USB modem card differences as is done for the linux driver. (e.g. The product  ID/ Vendor ID on some Huawei cards which are incorrect in purpose to get round an issue on Window machines.) This kind of thing could be handled in plugin maybe! .. ;-) ...

I agree, it would help support guys everywhere.

Kind regards, Nicholas.

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But it would be hard to make such list looking at the code? If not, I could try to make such list. It would help Linux support guys everywhere.


2009/5/21 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:
> On Wed, 2009-05-20 at 14:11 +0200, Herriot, Nicholas, VF-Group wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there such a thing as Network Manager's supported USB Modem list?
>> And if this is a 'no' what part of the code base do I look at to find 
>> out the supported modems?
> It depends on a few things...  first, the kernel drivers having the 
> IDs for the modems.  In general, NM will support generic modems that 
> use ATDT-style connection setup (ie, PPP).  It also supports Option 
> 'hso'-style modems that use OWAN-style call setup.
> As of 0.7.1, I think we've got support for most of the modems that are 
> currently in wide use.  We do occasionally find quirks (like Huawei 
> CDMA modems from Reliance India that return "COMMAND NOT SUPPORT" 
> instead of "ERROR", for example).
>> i.e. is there a 'conf' file with scripts for each modem?
> Nope, they are handled automatically in the code.  Scripts aren't 
> really flexible enough, or if they are, they turn into a programming 
> language anyway.
> Dan
>> Kind regards, Nicholas.
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