Re: Modern icons

On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 16:21 +0200, stephane demurget free fr wrote:
> hi,
> Would it be possible to ship a more modern, Tango-ish icon set with NM?
> A lot of friends of mine and myself think the animation is blurry and more
> generally does not fit with the hicolor theme (which is mostly Tango nowadays).
> Jimmac's icons are really sexy:

There's some issues with those icons that are already explained on the
list and in the bug.  They mostly deal with the mechanism that the icon
set uses to display connection progress, which is too easily confused
with the normal wifi signal strength icons.

There is work going on in this area, need to pull some of that together.


> He originally proposed them here:
> and nobody really rejected them.
> What do you think? I think the new NM-0.7 has enough features to deserve a
> proper icon set :)
> thanks for the great software!
> --Stef
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