Re: Stop nm-system-settings when NM is stopped

Dan Williams a écrit :
> On Tue, 2009-04-21 at 11:02 +0100, Marc Herbert wrote:
>> Michael Biebl a écrit :
>>> since NM 0.7 has hit the Debian archive, I got several bug reports, where users
>>> changed the configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, restarted NetworkManager
>>> (via /etc/init.d/network-manager restart), and wondered, why their changes were
>>> not picked up.
>> Same problem here when changing HOSTNAME in /etc/sysconfig/network on Fedora 10: ignored until next reboot. 
> It should be immediate.  If it's not, that's a bug in the ifcfg-rh
> plugin or in NM.

Then it is a bug, confirmed in 0.7.1 release 1.fc10

- Change your HOSTNAME in /etc/sysconfig/network

- unplug cable, replug cable, restart NM once, twice, do everything at the same time...
    => /etc/hosts never changes, and the line in /etc/hosts stays out of date

- run: killall nm-system-settings
    => /etc/hosts is updated instantly

Except nm-system-settings is never supposed to be restarted!

Is it worth filing it despite nm-system-settings bound to disappear?



>> Tested with version release 5.git20090326.fc10

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