Re: [NM-openconnect PATCH] Allow 'lasthost' and 'autoconnect' settings.

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 12:21 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> Sure, but I'd rather not start a precedent of stuffing other random
> stuff into the connection config that's not actually part of the
> connection specification.  Isn't this basically the difference
> between /etc and /tmp?

Most of this stuff _is_ part of the connection specification -- we're
talking about stuff like the username, the list of available VPN
servers, which one of those the user selected, etc.

I attached a screenshot of the auth-dialog, to make it more obvious
what's going on.

When it comes up, you choose a host from the combobox at the top. If you
check the 'Automatically start connecting next time' box, you can skip
that bit in future. It remembers the host you chose.

Then you get presented with arbitrary HTML forms from the server, and
the responses (except passwords) are remembered too.

When you connect successfully, the server gives us an XML configuration
file which updates the list of available hosts (which will appear in
that combobox next time).

I would say that all those _are_ part of the configuration, not just
'other random stuff'. It's just that they're handled _purely_ in the
auth-dialog, and don't need to be passed back to the


PNG image

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