Re: [NM-openconnect PATCH] Allow 'lasthost' and 'autoconnect' settings.

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 11:06 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> If they are integral to the connection itself, and are part of the
> connection configuration, then yes, I would.  The idea is that the
> connection itself encapsulates all the data required to connect to that
> resource.
> If, however, it's impermanent cached information that can be gotten
> again on the first connect, then no, I don't really care where its at.

The auth-dialog presents you with a combobox listing the available VPN
servers. You choose one, then you get to go through arbitrary HTML forms
until you are authenticated and rewarded with an HTTP cookie. That
cookie is the 'secret' that the VPN needs.

The auth-dialog has a bunch of stuff which it stores to make life easier
for the user -- it remembers the host you chose to connect to last time,
and a 'start connecting straight away without waiting for me to choose'
boolean. And stuff like the username and other inputs for the forms.

Those aren't a fundamental part of the connection configuration; they're
just cached information that can be fetched again (from the user).


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