Re: nm-applet loosing state

On Fri, 2009-05-08 at 08:38 -0700, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> nm-applet is how the problem manifests itself; I'm presuming that the 
> problem is really in NetworkManager.
> All of this is in runlevel 5. Release on Fedora 10 is 
> NetworkManager-
> The system in question does networking _only_ via a USB-connected 
> wireless adapter. The driver for the device has a problem resuming, so 
> it must be unplugged before hibernating the box. All of this is with 
> the router up and running.
> The sequence of events is as follows:
> o Unplug wireless adapter
> o Disable networking (via nm-applet)
> o Hibernate
> o Power off
> o Power on => resume
> o Plug in wireless adapter once resume is completed
> At this point nm-applet shows no networking (white X in red box).
> Here's the problem. Sometimes nm-applet has the Enable networking, 
> sometimes not. Sometimes just passing the mouse over the icon will 
> start the search process, sometimes not. Sometimes clicking enable 
> networking will result in success (connection to the router), sometimes 
> not. Sometimes it will prompt for the key and that will result in a 
> connection.



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