nm-applet loosing state

nm-applet is how the problem manifests itself; I'm presuming that the 
problem is really in NetworkManager.

All of this is in runlevel 5. Release on Fedora 10 is 

The system in question does networking _only_ via a USB-connected 
wireless adapter. The driver for the device has a problem resuming, so 
it must be unplugged before hibernating the box. All of this is with 
the router up and running.

The sequence of events is as follows:

o Unplug wireless adapter
o Disable networking (via nm-applet)
o Hibernate
o Power off
o Power on => resume
o Plug in wireless adapter once resume is completed

At this point nm-applet shows no networking (white X in red box).

Here's the problem. Sometimes nm-applet has the Enable networking, 
sometimes not. Sometimes just passing the mouse over the icon will 
start the search process, sometimes not. Sometimes clicking enable 
networking will result in success (connection to the router), sometimes 
not. Sometimes it will prompt for the key and that will result in a 

Unplug - plug in of the wireless adapter usually works. 

Thanks for reading this far! So, is there a recipe for getting the 
connection every time, without all this fooling around?

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