Re: Problem of associated pre-suspend AP showing up in NM's AP list after resume has returned in 2.6.30-rc4

On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 09:18 +0200, Peter Roediger wrote:
> I'm using a self-compiled kernel version 2.6.30-rc4 on an intel 5300
> wifi card with the iwlagn driver built-in. I was eager to see if the
> problem mentioned in the subject is really solved. And indeed it was
> all working fine in 2.6.30-rc1 until 2.6.30-rc3. After installing
> 2.6.30-rc4, though, the problem has returned. I'm using wireless LAN
> at home and at work and when arriving at work I can still see my home
> AP in the list (besides the new APs at work), and even worse, NM tries
> to associate to it. Same thing happens when leaving work and going
> home.
> I think, this problem is old and well-known but it was solved and now
> has apparently reappeared. I compared the relevant files in the kernel
> source of 2.6.30-rc4 with the patch that is shown here:
> , but they
> are all as they are supposed to be.
> Interestingly, when doing an "iwlist wlan0 scan", the old AP is NOT
> found.

Is NM properly being told to go to sleep on suspend?  There's a dbus bug
that causes the pm-utils sleep message to NM to get lost, and NM then
doesn't clear the AP list when it goes to sleep.  Could that be what's
happening here?


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