Sharing the connection wth NetworkManager?

> Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009 15:31:02 -0500
> From: Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>
> > Now I am stuck on the connection sharing part. It seems that
> > I must install and configure the dhcp-server now. I was 
> > hoping that NetworkManager would handle that automatically 
> > when I said I wanted to share the wired network side. The 
> > dhcp-server conf file is pretty hairy to mess with. I'm not 
> > even sure I copied the correct stub file into the correct 
> > directory... Can you (or anyone else) point me at a
> > good URL for doing this with the current version of Ubuntu?
> > I spent some time on it last night, but didn't make much 
> > progress. That included searching in the archives of this 
> > mailing list.
> You should only need dnsmasq, and once that's installed,
> NetworkManager will configure it correctly on-the-fly 
> without needing any manual intervention.  No config files 
> should be required.
> apt-get install dnsmasq   (or something like that)
> should be all you need.

I really appreciate your rapid responses and feel obliged to try and
keep up with you, even though this is a slack time project when I'm
often already kind of tired...

Anyway, dnsmasq does not appear to be the solution. I tested it with
and without resolvconf. I hope apt-get isn't the problem, but I try
to do my installations within Synaptic when possible. I found some
stuff on the Web that suggested dnsmasq could be interfering with
NetworkManager, and that I should use only dnsmasq-base, so I
completely uninstalled dnsmasq and resolvconf and reinstalled
dnsmasq-base, and rebooted, but that didn't work either. Not sure
what to attempt next, though I feel as though I'm pretty close. 

One thing that is kind of troublesome is that NetworkManager loses
some of its configuration information in each reboot. In my case I
have to disable the wireless network and re-enable the shared wired
connection after each reboot, and I wish those settings would
persist. Perhaps it would be sufficient to get a popup warning about
such nonstandard settings at boot time? 

Minor annoyance that the D02HW seems to require manual selection
each time, even though it also seems to indicate that it should
connect automatically when required. However, I regard that as
something of a good security default.

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