Unable to Auto Connect with Hidden Wireless Network automatically first time.

Hi All,

I have problem in Auto connecting With my Hidden Wireless first time
when I configured  through "Connect to Hidden Wireless Network" .

Step to Reproduce.

1:Connect to Hidden SSID through "Connect to Hidden Wireless Network."
first time after reboot.

2:Unchecked Enable NetworkIng option.

3:Hidden SSID which was connected earlier will not "Auto Connect".

4:If i will repeat step 1 to 3 again it will start Auto Connecting.

So First time it doesn't get Best auto Connection and fails while Auto Connect.

One more thing What I observed that while trying First Connection It goes into
nm_ap_check_compatible() function inside NetworkManagerAp.c and returning from
these condition because ssid data is NULL.

if (!nm_utils_same_ssid (nm_setting_wireless_get_ssid (s_wireless), priv->ssid,
                return FALSE;

and on subsequent operation it doesn't get SSID NULL  and above function
doesn't return and connected successfully.

So How we can resolve this issue and why first time it gets SSID NULL.

Any help would be appreciable.


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