Re: ZTE modem problems and workrounds

--On Wednesday, July 01, 2009 12:08:45 +0300 ValmantasPalikša <walmis gmail com> wrote:

> I've discovered an interesting quirk on my zte mf633.
> If I leave it connected in the usb port and all ttyUSB's are closed this
> happens after 15 minutes or so:
> [ it disconnects ]

I've noticed spontaneous disconnects too, but I hadn't associated them with open ttys - interesting. I now run some quick-hack scripts to help the thing work properly, and one continuously shows the output of the monitor port (USB1). That might explain why I haven't had the disconnect problem for a while.

It looks like the mf633 is essentially the same as the 627, it has the same device IDs. But as they alter the firmware for different carriers, it's possible that two devices with the same ID may not actually behave the same :(

I'm sure the device itself is buggy, it's not just the Linux s/w. I actually returned mine for a replacement under warranty after convincing 3's tech support that it didn't work properly - but the replacement is no different! The problem is you can't tell them that, as far as they're concerned, if you can get a connection in Windows using their proprietary connection s/w then you've got a working device - period.

Kinda wish I'd got a Huawei, they seem to be the benchmark device.


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