Mobile Broadband modems

Can someone clarify to what extent NM is supposed to detect MB modems "by itself", or otherwise rely on the OS (HAL etc)?

I had to do some tweaking to get NM to work with the USB modem I purchased recently, which I kinda took as par for the course, but ideally this shouldn't be necessary. So I guess something is not up to date for this particular modem, but I'm not sure whether it's the default OS config (Ubuntu in my case) or NM.

The modem is a ZTE MF627, sold by "3" in the UK. It's a "zero-CD" device, and I had to install and configure usb_modeswitch, then add two udev rules to make it switch to modem mode and then modprobe usbserial. Finally it needed a .fdi file for HAL to make NM recognise it as a modem. Should NM be able to handle all this itself? If so how do these definitions get added?

Rick Jones

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