Re: dbus and OpenVPN Autostart

Tambet Ingo-2 wrote:
> This functionality is very often requested and a dispatcher script to
> do that is quite hard to implement. I wrote a script to do that, see
> the attachment. It needs some configuration first: The UUID of the VPN
> connection you'd like to get automatically activated, the UUID of the
> connection with which you want your VPN automatically activated, and
> the UID of the user who has the VPN connection defined. For the first
> two, just run the script without any arguments and it'll print out all
> known connections and their UUIDS. Find your UID with `id -u`. After
> changing these variables in the beginning of the script with your
> data, copy it to /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/ and make sure it's
> executable.

Thanks a lot for the script. My usecase is slightly different. At the office
I need vpn to connect to the internet. I also need vpn to access my work
email from home, but then I use split-tunnelling. Can you point me in the
right direction to use one vpn connection for a specific access point and a
different vpn connection for all other connections? I know some python but
not how to deal with dbus.
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