Re: dead network manager

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 02:11:58PM +0000, Rowan wrote:
> Hi, I have just joined this Forum and this is my first message. I have acquired a LinuxCertified LC2430S with Ubuntu (GNOME) pre-installed, and I am trying to connect it via Ethernet to a British Telecom HomeHub, which is a router having two Ethernet connections (thus I can talk to you on a Windows machine via the other Ethernet connection on the Hub, while experimenting with the Linux connection). When I plug both machines into the Hub Ethernet ports and switch them on, the Hub does not 'see' the Linux machine, and the Linux machine does not 'see' the Hub.
> I have consulted the manuals online, and it seems all routes lead me back to the Network Connections panel, in which the only connection I can see, when the Ethernet cable to the BT HomeHub is plugged in, is 'Point to Point', and nothing happens when I click it. When I tried to connect via a USB port, I saw a button for 'Wired Connection' too, but nothing happened when I clicked that, either. There are also 'unlock' buttons on that panel, but clicking them makes no difference.
> 'Enable Networking' is ticked. This is certainly a vital check to make.

right click on the network-manager applet and select About menu entry
and tell us which version of network-manager came installed on your

Also run on the command line (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)
  lsb_release -r 

and give me the version you get there.

Also attach your /etc/network/interfaces file please.


 - Alexander

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