UMTS Option Express Card doesnt work anymore


a few days ago i realized that my intrepid cannot connect with my umts
card to the internet. I havent used it for weeks, so I started
searching what has changed. I found out that there are no ttyUSB
devices anylonger but ttyHS devices appeared (and dmesg told me when i
plug/unplug). I think its one of the new kernels with hso. Network
Manager still recognizes the card when I remove all configurations but
is unable to connect. Ive installed HSOconnect and I can connect so
generally NM should also be able to. I think HSOconnect is great but
as I use the vpn to my cisco in NM and it works brilliantly I really
like to either get back to the old dev/ttyUSB times or let NM do it
with hso.

How can I find out what is going wrong with NM and is there any log?
Is someone having similar problems?

best regards,


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