Re: Mobile Broadband auto-connect doesn't

On Mon, 2009-02-16 at 21:28 +0000, Rick Jones wrote:
> I have a MB connection set for "connect automatically", on which basis
> I think it should
> connect automatically when the USB modem is plugged in. But it only
> does this very
> occasionally, less than one time in ten. Usually it just sits there
> and requires
> manual connection.

Sounds like a race; maybe the Ubuntu modem prober isn't quite done
probing the modem by the time auto-activation gets tried at startup?
I'm honestly not sure what stage the prober runs in the Ubuntu builds,
whether it's before the device gets added to the NM device list or after

It could also be something in NetworkManagerPolicy.c; if you feel like
modifying the sources, you could put a few debugging statements in
schedule_activate_check(), including right before it schedules the idle
handler for auto_activate_device().  That should give you some insight
into what NM is doing after you plug the device in.  In
auto_activate_device(), the device is asked to filter the connection
list for connections that might apply to it; if auto_activate_device()
is indeed getting called correctly, then you'll want to debug a bit
further into nm-gsm-device.c::real_get_best_auto_connection() to figure
out why your connection is getting rejected as a candidate for


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