Re: Difference between using /etc/network/interfaces and nm-applet config

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 06:17:02PM +0100, Alexander Sack wrote:
> /etc/network/interfaces is ment to be legacy support (or convenience)
> on debian based system for those that like it. Its not yet feature
> complete.
> "Edit Connections ..." allows you to use the NetworkManager format for
> saving/reading system-wide connection information (aka keyfile), which
> obviosly is more feature complete in that it supports to read/save any
> network manager connection configuration.

Hum, I set it up with "Edit Connections..." and I could log out and log
in as another user and still had the static IP.  But after a reboot it
went back to using dhcp for eth0.

I'm leaving the Connect automatically and System setting checked and
selecting Manual from the IPv4 Settings tab and adding my address,
netmask, gateway and DNS.

Is there something I'm failing to do to have it survive a reboot?


Bill Moseley
moseley hank org
Sent from my iMutt

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