Difference between using /etc/network/interfaces and nm-applet config

I'm running Ubuntu 8.10.

I have an older Linksys router that allows port forwarding (i.e. I can
port forward ssh traffic to a specific IP address.

The router unfortunately does not allow mapping MAC addresses to IP
addresses, so I must use a fixed static ip address on the Linux
machine running sshd.

My question is what's the difference between adding static settings in
/etc/network/interfaces vs. "Edit Connections..." in nm-applet?

One nice thing about using the dhcpd client on the Linksys router is
that the name servers in my /etc/resolv.conf were set automatically
(by whatever the ISP's dhcpd client sends to the linksys router).
Now, I have to manually config the name servers, it seems.  So, if the
ISP's name servers ever change I would need to update the connection

Is there a way to say use dhcpd to get nameservers but still used a
fixed IP address (when the router's dhcpd won't do MAC to IP address


Bill Moseley
moseley hank org
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