NetworkManager and mac80211_hwsim


I'd like to setup a simple test scenario with mac80211_hwsim in
order to check some corner cases in the scanning behaviour
in NetworkManager. Though the problem is that NM doesn't see
the mac8011_hwsim devices. I found out that the problem is
that hald won't notifiy on dbus there is a new wireless device
available. After a bit debugging I can tell that the problem is
that there isn't a parent device available:


hotplug_event_begin_add_dev (..., parent_dev = NULL, ...)
  net_add(..., parent_dev = NULL, ...)
  	if (parent_dev == NULL)
		goto error;

Before I go deeper into that thing, does someone has
an idea what could go wrong here with mac80211_hwsim?


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